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HIVE ConnectedHealth, Telehealth healthcare consulting

We offer strategic and operational telehealth consulting, short-term contracts/projects and full-time augmentation engagements - delivering immediate value ahead of and alongside program, service and new business builds.

Providing foundation readiness for early-stage and ongoing growth initiatives, our startup engine, program accelerator offering is driven by solid team expertise and practical know-how in all areas of healthcare innovation, telehealth, and system-of-care integration.

Our work includes readiness assessment, planning, and implementation for accreditation, market penetration, and performance improvement - addressing problems related to quality, cost and access to care.


We've assembled a team of telehealth and business development professionals who are unsurpassed in their ability to address healthcare strategy and operational tactics. With our individual hospital administration, business development, and telemedicine experience, our team has directly impacted clinical, financial and technical outcomes in all areas of the healthcare spectrum.


Industry leaders and subject matter experts, we collectively are well equipped to develop best-in-class business processes to support the operating vision and strategic goals of a wide range of healthcare organizations, clinical service providers and technical solution developers.

HIVE ConnectedHealth


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